Skip the gym and enjoy the fresh air


Brought to you by Lillian Lee

Last Saturday, my friend and I just walked the National Pass track from Wentworth Falls. It took us 2.5 hrs (we did the Overcliff and Wentworth Pass tracks) and involved a lot of steps, but the scenery as we walked along the edge of cliff faces about 200m above the valley is just breathtaking.We passed by and underneath several water falls and amazing lookouts. The track is rated as ‘Hard’ but for anyone who is fit, I would not say it is. Yes, there are steps at the start and the end but it is not hard. I loved the different landscapes of the pass tracks and the varied sections of the waterfall – everything was different every time – the waterfall, the plant life and vegetation, rock formations and the views. It was ever-changing and each time was more beautiful than the next.

However, if you’re looking for a big gushing Niagara Falls type waterfall then you’ll be disappointed. This isn’t the biggest waterfall in the world by any means but the whole area is spectacular and the walk to the falls is stunning. It’s very scenic, there are plenty of amazing spots to take photos, railing to keep you safe in the dangerous spots, and benches for you to stop and take rests. There is a cafe at one end of the walk and plenty of free parking at both ends.

Lovely place for a quiet weekend!

My tip – take snacks, chocolates and water to keep your energy levels up, you will need it :)


By car, drive west along the M4 motorway from Sydney until you reach the village of Wentworth Falls on the Great Western Highway. Turn left at the second set of traffic lights, follow the signs to the Wentworth Falls lookout for the Whispering Pines end, or to the Valley of the Waters for the Moments end.

By train, catch the Blue Mountains train at Central Station & alight at Wentworth Falls.





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